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My name is Will

Our name really has two meanings or stories. Shortly after the Civil War there was a place called the dark corners, it was a place where moonshiners and outlaws lived and ruled the land. The dark corners were the meeting points of South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. During the heyday of moon shining these people were considered the most dangerous outlaws in America. This area is our home, nestled just inside the beautiful blue ridge mountains! We do wildlife pictures. To get a good picture of wildlife and not be eaten alive, I use between a 500 mm and 840 mm super telephoto lens to keep me safe and the wildlife unaware of my presence. Whenever, you take a square picture through a round hole you get an effect where the corners turn dark, this effect is called vignetting or Dark Corners. So, we have a name with two meanings, where we live and what we do.

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